Getting Sales Without a List For Beginners

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Published: 13th August 2012
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When starting in the affiliate marketing, one of the first things you read is that you have to build a list in order to make sales. Then, you keep searching the net wondering how to actually build a list, because if you don't get one, you won't be able to sale anything!

Well, that is actually wrong. There is one good way to make sales without having a list, and it is: using other people's list.

But, where can I find those people?

First of all, you don't want to get ANYONE'S list. You want to get a highly targeted list. How can you find that highly targeted list? EASY! And you have the most powerful tool to achieve it, for free! It is called: Google.

Whatever niche you are into, a very simple way to find ezines related to it is to go on google and type: ''your niche(or some highly targeted keywords related to your product)'' + ''blog'' OR + ''ezine'' or + ''newsletter''. Simple isn't?

Then, all you have to do is to check out all those ezines and when you find one that matches exactly what you are offering, then you can write to the owner of the blog, ezine or newsletter and ask him if you can run a solo ad. If the owner actually offers solo ads, because some of them don't, then this will allow you to send an e-mail advertising YOUR product to all of HIS/HER list for a very cheap price!
Here is a realist example: let's say the owner has 50 000 subscribers to his/her ezine and demands 100$ to run a solo ad, that means that you actually pay 0,002$ per subscriber! It's a LOT MORE cheaper than PPC method! And, you get a 50 000 sales potential!

But wait, this is not the real world. If you get 50 000 sales out of 50 000 subscribers, you are the luckiest man on this planet... and as I helped you get this list with this article... you should tell me where to get it. 0:-)

BUT, more seriously, let me show you realistic maths. Let's say that you pay 100$ to send your ad to 50 000 people. Out of these 50 000 people, you get 10% e-mail open rate. Out of this 10%, you get 20% of them clicking on your link and out of THIS 20%, let's say 1% buy your product.

So here is the math: 50 000 * 10% = 5 000 * 20% = 1000 * 1% = 10.

So, a REALISTIC stat would be 10 sales. If you got your product on Clickbank, you know that the average earning/sale as an affiliate is somewhere around 30$. You can easily find a lot of products giving you up to 100$ per sale though. So let's say you targeted the cheap one giving you only 30$ per sale, then you can expect to get 300$ in return from your solo ad! This is 200$ in return and 200% ROI! Not that impressive you tell me, but I tell you, if you can turn 1$ into 2$, then you have a way to get virtually unlimited income. That's not the real world, but if you get double of what you spend... WHY NOT DO IT?

And there is more! Let's say you get it to a bigger scale and you send it to 10 ezines all of them having 50 000 subscribers. Then, returning to simple maths: 200$ (income per solo ad run) * 10 = 2 000$! How about that! It's like having someone giving you a 2 000$ for VERY little work!

So, the point is, there is REALLY a good potential into ezine marketing. ''Yeah yeah Stephane, but how do I know the ezine has 50 000 subscribers?'' It's simple, you ask them! As a gift, here is a list of questions you SHOULD ask before getting into buying a solo ad:

- Can I buy a solo ad from you? (as I said, not anyone sell solo ads)
- How many ACTIVE subscribers do you have? (ACTIVE is the key, you don't want to get to a list of uninterested people)
- What is your average e-mail open rate? (If the owner cannot answer to that question, don't get involved into it. I ran a solo ad not too long ago, and the site seemed nice, and I just bought it without asking. It has been sent to 71 000 subscribers and guess what, I got 30 clicks and 0 sales out of it. This is spending 100$ for nothing, so get that answer!)
- How much is you solo ad?

You should be good with those first questions. If you get good answers with them, I'd say you can buy a solo ad without fear. But here are other questions that you should also ask in order to really know you can get into it ''without'' any risk. (No risk is not in the real world)

- How long have you been publishing an ezine or owned this list?
- How did you build your list?
- Do you use single opt in or double (verified) opt in to build your list?
- How often do you send solo ads? (The less they send, the best it is. Imagine being the subscriber and recieving offers every 2 days. You'll soon start to ignore them.)
- How often do you send helpful articles or tips? (The more the best)
- Do you have an average click through rate? (a lot more precise than e-mail open rate)
- What offer has worked the best to your list in the last 6 months?
- What offer has worked the worst to your list in the last 6 months?
- I know there are no guarantees but do you feel that my product will do well in your ezine or to your list?
- Is the product I am promoting a logical fit for your audience?
- Where can I subscribe to your list or ezine? (this is a good way to know what the audience is recieving and to judge the quality)

With all that, you are good to go! Go on google, use the method I just thought and then write to all of these blogs and newsletters and get solo ads!

AGAIN... this is not the real world. Before you get a good ezine, you may have to write to 40 or 50 ezine owners. That means this is a LOT of time. But here is a gift, and, to my point of view, this is the BEST investment I have made so far as an affiliate.
There is a man (that is not me) who owns a directory of those SERIOUS ezines and if you subscribe to that site, you can have access to all those ezines. You also know all the stats about each one of them like how many subscribers they have to their list, how much a solo ad costs (you also get discounts as a member of that site, so it's even cheaper), and a good part of the questions I told you should ask before. So, that man just made the job a lot more easier for you. All you have to do is get on the site, go to your niche and select the ezine you want to. It's as easy as that!

And this is not the only thing you get from that site. You get a lot of content about affiliate marketing, how to do it and what really works. PLUS, you can ask anything to the owner! You can even ask him to write a proven working ad for you! You also get a free e-book on how to get traffic to your site even if you don't subscribe, so you can see the quality of the content published on the site.

So, if you are interested into accessing that directory, and benefit all of the offers I just told you and a LOT MORE, just write to me at:

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the tips and hints!

But hey, you are not obligated to subscribe to that site! As I told you, you can get it done all by yourself using the method I showed you before, but I must tell you that saving that much time to start earning faster is really worth it. You have the choice to chose to get money from affiliate marketing NOW .... OR try my method and wait for results a lot longer. So, if you are SURE you want to get good at affiliate marketing, I tell you, just go for it! Otherwise, you can still wait and try the hard way.

Just write to me, it's free:

Stephane Primard

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